November 29, 2023

As long as we are not facing a complex problem, there are some tricks that will help us encourage our dog to go outside, these are some of them:

Use food as a lure
As long as your dog does not want to go out due to a physical problem, we can encourage him with the help of a claim. The lure that works best is food, although you can also use a toy. Choose the most appetizing food for your dog and encourage him to go out by offering it to him. It is important that the food you choose is irresistible to your Dog trainers Houston tx, this way he will feel very motivated by it. When your dog advances on the walk, give him his treat and praise him. Remember to bring plenty of portions and always in small quantities adapted to the size of your dog. Over time, try to reduce your use of food by replacing it with petting and praise.

Use an anti-anxiety coat
There is a tool that can help our dog in cases where he is reluctant to go out due to fear or uneasiness , and that is to use an anti-anxiety coat . This type of coat has been designed for dogs who suffer from anxiety in storms, but it can also help dogs who are afraid of going for a walk. Put it on your dog before going for a walk and the coat will give your dog a feeling of comfort and protection.

Teach your dog to respond to the call
Teaching your dog to come to the call can help you encourage your dog to come out in mild cases of fear or lack of motivation. You can teach her the call at home simply by calling her and inviting her to come, saying “come” right after and offering her her favorite food. Repeat this training at various times of the day and when you leave, use the call to invite him to go for a walk.

Make your walks more entertaining
If you’ve finally gotten your dog out for a walk, make his walks more entertaining . If your dog associates this moment as something very positive, it will undoubtedly encourage him to go out next time . These are some ideas that will help you achieve it!

  • Let your dog sniff: It is important to give your dog enough freedom and time to sniff the surroundings. This helps him explore the environment, work on mental stimulation and has a positive impact on his behavior.
  • Let your dog socialize: If the lack of socialization with other dogs is not the problem, you should take your dog with others so that he socializes and interacts with other dogs. This makes walks more fun for them.
  • Let your dog play: Play is an activity that provides not only entertainment but also helps them train their mind and learn new things. Use toys like ropes, balls, or frisbees to play with your dog. In this way you will relate the walk with a positive and entertaining moment.

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