November 29, 2023

If you’re a marketing professional, The Well Crafted Video Production Articles you’re probably working like crazy to find innovative ways to keep your brand front and center…despite having your budget chopped in half Video production company.

The goal is obviously to maximise every single marketing dollar and to hit your target demographic squarely on the nose…there’s no room for ‘hit and hope’ in this environment. So here’s just one idea that you may want to consider:

Work with a video production company to develop a dynamic video campaign.


A skilled video production company can:

  • Provide a ‘script to screen’ service, consulting with you at every step
  • Develop concepts based on your ideas, objectives and most importantly – budget
  • Streamline production costs if necessary to match your requirements
  • Help you distribute the production(s) in innovative ways to maximise exposure

A great video production is a powerful tool which offers enormous value. You can use it to reach your key targets in many ways:

  • Email a link to potential clients
  • Upload it to video sharing sites
  • Set up your own page on a video sharing site to host this and future videos
  • Place it on your website and any other relevant sites
  • Place a link at the bottom of your emails – people can watch if they want
  • Make DVDs which can be mailed or distributed at events, roadshows etc

Air it (locally, nationally or internationally) – just buy the airtime – or ask your production company if they can get you a better rate

You can update and develop your production whenever you’re ready. Maybe you want to develop the concept into a catchy, ongoing campaign. Most production companies will want to work with you on a longer term basis and will therefore keep their prices very competitive.

The beauty is that you can start small if you want, and expand the scope of your video productions as you go along….as your marketing budget increases!

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