November 29, 2023

And the time has come to give you inspiration so you can surprise with an original kitchen backsplash kitchen remodel Waukesha. We will show you some options that are trending so that you can generate a unique atmosphere.

Kitchens With Mosaic Backsplash
The typical hydraulic tiles of modern kitchens are reinvented and conquer totally new spaces. In this case, you can use large-format porcelain tiles for the cover and place hydraulic ceramic to add color to the dashboard. In this way, you will be able to impact as well as provide warmth.

Elegance Also Conquers Kitchens
Marble continues to be a trend and in this case you can dare to use it on the countertop, countertops and kitchen backsplash. Thus, you will achieve a very clean and elegant look for the kitchen.

If instead of a marble-effect covering you use smooth and uniform pieces, you can play a little more with the overall design of the environment. The smooth, seamless transition of this design allows for bolder options in cabinets, walls, and other elements of the space.

Bring The Atmosphere Of The Subway To Your Home
This type of coating was used in subway stations in major cities around the world at the beginning of the 20th century. Thus, it became one of the symbols of Art Deco.

You can find it in a gloss or matte finish and are normally found in 10 x 20 cm formats. They are usually placed horizontally and are an economical and practical option. At the same time, they add a vintage touch to the kitchen , if you are looking to generate that effect.

Provides Warmth Using Wood
Also, you can generate distinction in the kitchen backsplash area by bringing the timeless effect of wood. Combining it with white furniture is a classic that never goes out of style. Likewise, you can invest and use large blank pieces to cover walls and place wood on the countertop and countertops.

3D Effect Coatings
Without a doubt, this is an option that will create an impact on your kitchen backsplash. The 3D effect coverings are super modern and promote the feeling of softness to the touch and the depth of the space. They are easy to get both in some specific tile models and in 3D panels and they are on trend this year!

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