November 29, 2023

The color combination you choose will depend on the type of funeral and the feeling you want to convey. However, there are some universal options that are considered especially suitable for funeral flower arrangements.

White suggests innocence and purity, making it a popular choice for funerals. A white rose or white bouquet can serve to celebrate someone’s life and also as an appropriate symbol to express condolences.

Purple is often used to represent success and achievement, so it is a great way to commemorate someone who has achieved great things in their life. This vibrant color can also convey optimism about the joy of living beyond death.

Yellow is often associated with joy, so it can be used to represent hope that a loved one has moved on to a much better place. The bright color gives off an uplifting energy, which can help remind everyone that life continues even after death.

red or pink
Both red and pink represent love, making them the ideal choice to honor couples who have died together or who have lost their partner suddenly. Putting these colors together in a bouquet can also reflect the bond you shared with your loved one.

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