November 29, 2023

In Japan, those 1042 Pacific islands with incredible landscapes, you will always find something that attracts you to this beautiful country. Japanese culture is a mixture of several cultures that came to those islands from the Asian continent and that is why Japanese cuisine contains the same basic foods: rice, beans, wheat and oats Japanese restaurant.

Due to its geographical area, seafood cannot be missed; fish and seafood are part of its daily meal . On any given day you will see them eating vegetable soup, a little rice and some fish.

Like any self-respecting culture, they have special dishes that are only consumed on specific days . One of those special days is when a baby is born, or when there is a wedding. And, although they have these special dishes, they are usually accompanied with their traditional azuki, rice with beans.

Like everything in this country, Japanese cuisine has to follow a certain order . That is why at the table they first consume mountain products, then those from the sea and finally those from the countryside.

You will be used to seeing the Japanese eating vegetables or soy, although they have also consumed meat and chicken for 500 years , especially since contact with the Portuguese.

It is also very curious how they carry food on their trips. In the past, long journeys created the need to bring food, which was carefully put in a box with several compartments, everything organized, the fish, rice, colors and flavors packaged as if it were a gift .

An interesting dish from Japanese cuisine
If you thought the Japanese didn’t have pizza, you were wrong . We tend to think of Americans when we see pizza, even though it possibly comes from Greece. Still, for some reason, the Japanese already had this type of food.

To prepare okonomiyaki for two people you will only need:
400 ml of water.
100 ml of dashi (it is a kind of dried tuna powder).
80 g of flour.
300 g of chopped cabbage.
2 eggs.
80 g of bacon in strips. Squid or jambs are also used.
A little bit of salt.
10 g of chives.
A bit of sugar.
Aonori (seaweed powder).

Make a broth with the dashi.
Add the flour and mix it with the broth until smooth.
In another container add the chives, cabbage and eggs. Finally, add the dough you have made and mix it again.
In a frying pan add a little oil and add the mixture, spread it. It has to be 2 cm thick or so. Fry it, normally 3 minutes is enough.
Put the pieces of meat on top and then turn it over, so the meat will be underneath and it will also fry. Do it for another 3 minutes.
Turn it over again so that everything is done correctly.
Once done, add the seaweed powder and an okonomiyaki sauce .

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