November 29, 2023

Sexually satisfying your partner goes beyond intercourse; It involves both a physical and emotional connection. Therefore, it is important that you keep some issues in mind.

Many people consider that to achieve a “complete” and “positive” experience in an intimate encounter, they must not only enjoy the moment, but they must also try to satisfy a woman in bed Seattle Dominatrix.

To clarify the matter a little, below we are going to tell you in more detail how “sexual satisfaction” is defined and why it is key to understand it to satisfy your partner in bed .

Communication is key to sexual satisfaction
Broadly speaking, sexual satisfaction is defined as a person’s perception and evaluation of their sexual life . To do this, several aspects would have to be taken into consideration, such as the frequency with which the sexual act is performed and whether it includes the preferred practices. That’s why communication with your partner is so important .

Certainly, experts have found that there is a positive relationship between communication and sexual satisfaction. That is, couples who communicate more in bed report higher levels of overall satisfaction . This applies to both men and women.

Therefore, to satisfy your partner in bed, in addition to being clear about your ideas, you must try to know theirs . Talk to her and ask her what she likes, what she doesn’t, what her expectations are… the more details you can know about each other, the clearer everything can be and the easier you can explore new “territories” together.

The sexual satisfaction of the couple contributes greatly to strengthening the bond and achieving positive experiences in bed. Although it is true that the relationship does not only depend on this, it is a factor to take into account .

Female sexual satisfaction: beyond pleasure
A systematic review published in Sexual Medicine Reviews found that the greatest predictors of sexual satisfaction in women are overall relationship satisfaction and frequency of sexual interactions .

That is, and in general, women tend to rate their sexual satisfaction as positive when their relationship is stable and comfortable and when the frequency of encounters is regular. The sum of these two variables can have a similar or even greater weight on the pleasure perceived in bed .

It’s an open secret that the frequency of intimate encounters tends to decrease as a relationship gets longer . In fact, there is evidence that sex with committed partners is often rated as less pleasurable than casual sex. One of the reasons, precisely, is due to the quality and frequency of the meetings.

On the other hand, researchers have found that one’s body image (concern about weight, physical condition, sexual attractiveness, and so on) during the sexual encounter predicts sexual satisfaction in women. All of this is useful for us to understand that female sexual satisfaction depends on many factors other than pleasure or orgasm .

7 tricks to satisfy a woman in bed
To enjoy a pleasant and satisfying intimate encounter together, many things need to be taken into account . Aside from the previous reflections, there are several tricks to satisfy a woman in bed. We leave you with 7 ideas that you can put into practice.

  1. Foreplay facilitates sexual satisfaction
    To satisfy a woman in bed and enjoy a good experience together, you need to take the time to arouse each other through foreplay . This issue is key since it contributes to lubrication.

The omission of this initial phase is a common mistake that many men make, in their desire to penetrate and feel pleasure as soon as possible . However, when time is invested in caressing the erogenous zones and prolonging skin-to-skin friction, the approach is greater and the experience is much more pleasurable for both.

And how long should foreplay last? There is no regulatory time . In fact, this varies depending on sexual desire , complicity between the members of the couple and preferences.

  1. Ejaculation is not mandatory
    The idea is widespread that a sexual relationship has to culminate in ejaculation in order to be classified as “positive” or “successful.” And be careful, people think this way not only about men, but also about women .
    Certainly, it is normal for them to release a few drops of that semen-like liquid. However, there are many who feel pleasure and do not ejaculate, and there is nothing wrong with that!

On other occasions, even though they do it, it is not even noticeable. Does this mean they haven’t enjoyed it enough? Nothing is further from reality. The meeting could have been very pleasant and satisfactory.

Pushing for ejaculation to occur will not help satisfy your partner, quite the opposite. In fact, psychological conditions of this type are classified as one of the factors that affect sexual satisfaction in women. Whether or not your partner ejaculates is not always up to you, and she may not always need it to experience pleasure.

The moment of the menstrual cycle in which she is, the eroticism, the excitement, the type of connection that is generated at the time of the sexual encounter and other variables influence female ejaculation.

  1. It is not always possible or necessary to climax at the same time
    It is often believed that reaching orgasm simultaneously is essential to satisfy the partner and close the encounter with a “golden brooch.” But this is not so. Everyone can reach orgasm at different times and still consider that they have had a good sexual encounter.

Reaching orgasm together is not an obligation. If it happens, perfect, and if not, also . It’s true that couples who experience simultaneous orgasm tend to report greater pleasure in bed; But this can have its harmful flip side: classifying encounters as unsatisfactory when they cannot reach climax in unison .

Remember that the goal is not for you both to arrive at the same time, but for you to enjoy the moment.

  1. Breaks can fuel passion more
    Although many women have the ability to continue even after experiencing an orgasm, it is advisable to pause to make the encounter much longer, more pleasant and satisfying for both.
    It is recommended that during the “breaks” you try to stimulate your partner , not only physically, but also “mentally.” Caress her, whisper to her how beautiful she looks, put all your eroticism into practice and seduce both her body and her mind. You can do this by looking into her eyes, or with your eyes closed, as you prefer.

Keep in mind that after a pause, the next climax may come more quickly . It is also possible, although not necessarily necessary, for her to experience multiple orgasms (one after the other).

  1. No gestures required
    To satisfy a woman in bed, we do not have to force her to give certain types of responses or gestures to announce that they feel pleasure. Thus, we must keep in mind that it is not obligatory (for anyone) to moan, gasp or scream to express pleasure .

There are people who, although they feel great pleasure, hardly make any sound, while others do. Also, this can vary from one encounter to another.

  1. To sleep or not to sleep, that is the dilemma
    Your partner arrives much later to rest after intercourse. If it is night, relaxation will make you want to sleep. During the day, the excitement will probably last a little longer . But ultimately, they experience separation in a very different way. More than 60% of men report feeling exhausted after sexual intercourse.
  2. To satisfy your partner, you definitely don’t have to compete
    You don’t want to monopolize your partner’s attention. Also be his companion . Think that if he has chosen you as a partner it will be because he finds in you those things that satisfy him. There are, therefore, many factors that lead a person to choose their partner. Among them, there are aspects of an affective, emotional and social nature.

The existence of good harmony in the other areas of life as a couple will have a favorable impact on sexual performance. Without a doubt, this will make you happy in bed.

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