Tips before Buying a House

At the beginning of change, it usually happens that a person falls in love “literally” with a property and decides to buy it without taking into account some advice before buying a house. NOT verifying these fundamental aspects, makes us incur an error houston home buyers.

The stage of falling in love happens when when you see the property for sale, a buyer, just by looking at the facade or infrastructure, expresses phrases like I love it, I buy it! It is the house of my dreams! At last, just what I was looking for! o This will surely be my home!

Unfortunately, they go into the background, aspects that must be verified before purchase. With the passing of the months, once the new owners have moved, the defects of the “house of dreams” are evident, being too late.

The decision to acquire a house must be firm accompanied by forceful arguments, since beyond an investment; it is the family refuge where to eat, sleep, and celebrate; whose main function is to elevate well-being both individually and collectively.

The exercise of visualizing the house of dreams from a global and realistic perspective is the first recommendation before going shopping; it is useful to keep a checklist with the aspects that should not be missing when buying a house.

To help in this transcendental step, some guidelines are presented that answer the question: what should we take into account before buying a home?

Take note of these tips before buying a home


Take a tour on foot or by car, in order to know all the access routes.

Take the time; how long it takes to get from your home to the workplace.

Make a list of nearby businesses, which are useful for buying supplies or household services, to name a few: bakeries, supermarkets, laundries.


Create a previous budget, that is, how much is the minimum and maximum amount of money you have to invest in buying the home.

If you expect to pay for the property through a bank loan, estimate the financial institution only provides 80% of what is required and the remaining 20% ​​must be available in your account, during the closing of the negotiation.

If you have to make renovations to the house or apartment, calculate the resources you must have available to make this step.

Space and comfort

Select the house according to the number of members. Everyone expects to have – probably – their own bedroom.

Analyze that the living room, dining room, garden, parking areas meet your particular requirements and pay for the comfort of the family.

Take time to observe details in the infrastructure of the house, especially the presence of leaks, deteriorated walls, bathrooms or floors in poor condition.


There are safer areas than others. Verify that the place where the house is, is accessible at all times.

Find out if there is a police module nearby to help you in an emergency.

Consult neighbors if in the last months there have been irregular situations that disturb the peace in the community.

Services pay

Analyze if it fits your budget, the amount of money to invest in the main services: water, electricity, telephone, taxes, contribution.

Request the last payment receipts for the services, thus avoiding having to cancel debts that are not yours.

As a last strategy of equal importance, seek advice from a real estate expert of your trust, serve as professional support before saying Yes I buy it!

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