Benefits of Honk Kong Registered Company

Hong Kong registered company benefits are as follows:

  1. Registration time is short, usually in 10-12 working days;
  2. Less required materials, generally only the shareholders of the Company to fill in the registration form can be, without any documents;
  3. Set up offshore accounts , send and receive a variety of free foreign exchange;
  4. Legal tax avoidance, not subject to any tax;
  5. The name of the company to invest in the UK and the EU.
  6. To pave the way for overseas investment abroad.
  7. Establish a corporate international image,
  8. As the economy, the legal system is developed extremely old capitalist countries, the extent of free trade as the UK will be higher.  readymade uk company

Hong Kong registered company needs to provide:

  1. Determine the company name in English
  2. The minimum registered capital of 10,000 Hong Kong dollars, without verification
  3. At least one shareholder, director (may be the same person, there is no citizenship restrictions)
  4. The scope of business, 28 within characters.
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